Monday, June 22, 2009


The Graceful Scrapper strikes again!

When I began scrapbooking nobody told me that it was a dangerous hobby. Somebody should have warned me. lol. Saturday evening while scrapping with my friend Jean I stubbed my middle toe. Have you ever done that where it hurt so bad you couldn't even cry? That was me, it hurt so bad it made me sick to my stomache. Ouch!!! Okay, I admit that there was a glass of wine involved, but it really was only one. Now let's not forget that the chair that I stubbed my toe on jumped out in front of me when I wasn't paying attention because I was so excited about the layout that I was working on. Stinkin' chair, why did you have to be there?

When I got up on Sunday my whole foot hurt and my toe had started to turn a lovely shade of purple (the picture really doesn't show that lovely purple rainbow). I hobbled around as we went about our day, visiting the Titantic museum in Branson and Andy's Frozen Custard. By last night my foot was killing me so my dear husband insisted that I go to the doctor. When I told him that I didn't need to go he reminded me of an episode of House that we watched not long ago. In that particular episode there was a Dr. that became really sick and after all kinds of tests and things, they found that she had a broken toe and that's what had caused her illness.

So to put my dear husband's mind at ease, I went to the doctor this morning. After having my toe and foot examined, I was sent to the outpatient part of the hospital for xrays. Then I was sent home with some anti-inflamatory cream to put on my foot and told to elevate it until we got the results of the xrays. Later this afternoon, the nurse called and said that I did not break my toe or foot, but had badly sprained it. Thank goodness it's just a sprain, I do not have time to deal with a broken foot right now.

Moral of this story: Don't get too excited about your scrapbooking layout until you sit back down in your seat.

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Mikiep said...

That is almost the color my wife wears on her toes :) COOL

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