Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs

Wordbooks are all the rage lately, have you noticed? We're getting some custom designed books in our store soon. We talked to the girls at Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs and they were great enough to design veteran wordbooks for us. They also created a Branson book too. (pictures coming soon) These chipboard books are great for a mini project. You can cover the pages with patterned paper, ink them, paint them, wherever your creativity takes you. Wordbooks can be made out of any word you like, though we have found that most look best with no more than 8 letters. Your child or grandchild's name, a favorite vacation spot, or even your furry pet's name all are great options for a wordbook. Want to have a custom wordbook made just for you? Email us at .

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