Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Explosion Box

This is an explosion box. Have you seen one of these before? I just love them. It fits perfect on a desk or coffee table and makes a great gift. When you take the lid off of the box, the sides fall open and expose photos on the inside. This particular one is designed for a baby girl. There are diecuts of baby pins, bottles, and rattles. They have all been glammed up with stickles and really compliment the design of the box.
The best thing about explosion boxes is that they can be made with so many different designs. We have explosion boxes for babies, pets, military heros, teachers, and many more subjects. If you would like to order an explosion box for that special someone, please contact us at .

1 comment:

VA Scrapper said...

I MUST have one of these for my office desk. Having just moved to a new state and starting a new job, it is only natural that my collegues are curious and ask questions about family, pets, where I'm from,etc.

The EXPLOSION BOX looks like a perfect non-intrusive and decorative solution to share a bit about myself without intruding on workspace or adding clutter!!

Way to go Kristy...this one is a winner for sure!

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