Friday, May 15, 2009

Featured on my Handmade Registry

Wow! This morning I woke up and did my usual routine of checking my email, ScrapBiz, Facebook, and of course my Etsy store. Imagine the joy that I felt when waiting for me was a convo. (For those of you not familar with Etsy, a convo is like an email that you receive through Etsy)
Excitedly I clicked on the convo and was surprised to learn that one of my listings has been featured on the front page of my Handemade Registry! Wow!
Have you seen this site before? It's way cool. Working like a gift registry at Macy's, JC Penney, or even target, you can choose all things handmade from various Etsy artists and actually register for your wedding, baby shower, even your birthday here. Then just let your loved ones know where you're registered and voila, you get all the handmade goodies you like! Well, that is, only if they purchase them. It's not exactly magic, but pretty darn close!
I encourage you to check it out today!

1 comment:

Dorana said...

thank you SO much for taking the time to blog about your feature on! we've updated our blog sponsor list with your link! thank you again for your support!

i cant wait to see YOUR HANDMADE WISH LIST so that we can feature your profile on our daily FRONT PAGE FEATURE!

siempre - dorana

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